Reasons for Grump

Today's mood: Grumpy Gus.

The culprit?  Food.

Today food is the bane of my existence.  It is my achilles heel.  It is the thorn in my side.  I AM SO SICK OF FOOD!!!  (To be more accurate I should I say that I AM SO SICK OF THE FOOD I CAN AFFORD AND THAT IS CONVENIENT TO ACCESS!!! but that has less impact, if you ask me.)

You know what starving people don't appreciate enough?  The simplicity of their lives.  They don't have to try to decide if they're going to eat or not, what time they should eat, if they have time to eat, where to get food, what quality of food they can afford to buy, or what they are in the mood to eat.  These decisions are all made for them, and I bet they do not appreciate just how DAUNTING they can be.  They should count their lucky stars.

Today the box office was busy like a mo fo, so that the normal time when I could sneak out and buy some pre-show dinner came and went with me working up a storm.  Now it's too late for me to go get food, even though I could if I really wanted to, but the problem is that I really don't want to because the only dinner I can really afford is a $2 slice of pizza and I am SO SICK OF EATING PIZZA ALL THE TIME JUST BECAUSE IT'S CHEAP AND FILLING but I really don't have any other options, and this is why poor people have more occurrences of obesity and diabetes than the rest of the population.  Also, it gets embarrassing when the dudes at the pizza place know you and call you "girlie" all the time.

I almost just didn't eat at all out of spite against the universe for making me just wealthy enough to have to make these decisions, but not wealthy enough to actually be able to afford real food or a servant to bring me gourmet meals full of flavour and scurvy-evading vitamins.  Then I realized that not eating out of spite is almost as stupid as choosing anorexia, and we've already gone over how stupid that is.  Then I remembered I have some intensely unsatisfying granola bars that are all organic and healthy in the green room.  I took one of those and a bag of concession chips.  I am currently eating them while trying to look as grumpy as I possibly can, just to show the universe that it has not won and I am not enjoying this.

Also, just to drive the point home that I am GRUMPY I stopped listening to The Yeah Yeah Yeahs (because they make me happy) and have begun listening to Tori Amos.  The album I used to listen to in high school to make myself more depressed.  It's totally working.

I am so unhappy right now.

Take that, universe.

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