Learning! Playing with history with Histography

Want to explore world history without digging through merciless tomes?  Check out Histography.  It's an interactive timeline spanning the past 14 billion years, using Wikipedia articles.  Not only is the design fun, but it's got everything from The Big Bang and the formation of the first stars and galaxies, all the way to the discovery of water on Mars.

Each point on the histogram represents a historic event.  It's interesting to see where the points pile up and lots of thing were happening, and where they shrink back down.  It would also be quite fascinating to go through and evaluate what was deemed an "important" event to include in the graph.

The past 14 billion years, in a nutshell.

The past (approximately) 12 years

From about 500-present

Check it out! Find the point where dogs evolved, where the first civilization of Sumer emerged, or when toilet paper was invented.  Narrow down to a specific era (they have links to isolate, for example, The Bronze Age), or just play around with the timeline.  Pick a year and find out what happened at that point in history.  Learning is fun!

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