Inspiration! A scientific definition of God

The Helix Nebula. Wikipedia Commons.

Here's something to think about: how about we all (religious and atheist and everything in between) allow our definition of God to expand somewhat?

This article by Richard Greene in the Huffington Post argues that we could define God using The Helix Nebula, which is also referred to by scientists as The Eye of God.  Actually, he says all nebulae will do, not just The Eye of God, it just happens to have a good name.

Why?  Well, according to Greene, nebulae actually create life in the universe - they are aggregates of gases that recycle the energy of dying stars into everything: new stars, planets, bones, muscles, brains.  Everything.  We were all created in a nebulae.

So if you can open your definition of God to include something along the lines of "that through which everything in the universe is created", well, have a look at some nebulae.  They are God.



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