Inspiration! Manifesto of a Doer

The DO Lectures is a conference and workshop series that originated in Wales, and it's all about people getting together to talk about and encourage each other in DOING things. Sounds cool, and I look forward to checking out their online videos.

In the meantime, here is their manifesto of a DOER:

Full disclosure: I thoroughly disagree with a few items in their manifesto.  I don't think deadlines always have to be panic-inducing, for example.  But I love the idea of making a habit of completing projects, that ideas only change the world if you act on them, of prioritizing your day, of the "sprint, rest" model of work, of making a plan and then letting it shift, and the power of little actions building up to big changes.

What can you adopt into your manifesto?  Maybe you adopt five things, maybe all 23, maybe just one, because you can do one little change at a time (and look at that, it will build up to a big change eventually.)


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