Learning: Are there really good guy vigilantes with guns?

From the New York Public Library

Here in Canada, we've had our first tragic school shooting in a very long time.  (According to Wikipedia, the last one was in 2014 - sooner than I though, to be honest, which is really heartbreaking.)  In La Loche, Saskatchewan, four people have died at the hands of a teenaged gunman in a school.  This is really, really terrible.

Now, this is in the wake of 2015, the year that America had a school shooting for every week of the year.  That is insanely tragic.  It's mind-boggling.  It makes me feel just lying down on the ground and not moving, because how on earth can we have so much of this large-scale violence?

The gun control arguments in the US are raging strong, and one of the arguments is that so long as bad guys have guns, good guys need to have guns to stop them.

Here are a few facts about the "good guy with the gun":

Between 2000-2013, 13 percent of shootings were stopped by unarmed civilians who successfully restrained/stopped the shooter.  In three percent, an armed civilian stopped them, and in all but ONE of those situations, the armed civilian was a former police officer or security professional with extensive firearms training.

29 of the mass shootings since 2007 were carried out by people with permits to carry concealed weapons.  That's more than three times the number of people with gun permits who stopped crime.

A University of California-San Francisco study found that gun owners were three times more likely to commit suicide.

More people were killed by toddlers playing with guns than by terrorists in 2015.

So I guess the answer to the question of the good citizen with the gun is, "yes, there is a good citizen with a gun - they are a police officer or other trained professional."


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