Inspiration! Roundup: Cry it out, favourite cats, morning motivation, and more!

This Week's "I Want to Go to There":
I kind of just want to chill and watch a bunch of TV for a while. Is that so bad?

Cry it Out

Most of the time I am a weepy giraffe. It takes so so little to get me crying. So I really liked Mayim Bialik's video about being sensitive.

I honestly never thought about it this way - people who are upset with us teary-eyed folks for crying are really just upset because they don't want to feel the feelings. We're showing them a deeper response to what's happening around us.

Also, I think it's both hilarious and annoying that someone might say "I can't tell you anything because you get too emotional" - as if a genuine emotional response is so horrifying they can't bear it. Believe it or not, my tears do not mean you "can't tell me things" - I am fine with the fact that I am always crying. If you aren't, then that's your problem!

A few of my favourite things

No point in pretending that it's anything but kittens, am I right?

By Rubyetc

Just to be clear: I posted this in the Inspiration! roundup and not the Cute! roundup because I find it kind of inspirational and great to revel in the silly things that we love.

Do it Right

This sexually enlightened R&B song has been making the rounds, and it's obvious why. Sure, it's funny, but it's also kind of a damning indictment of what we should be already doing.

The Earth Moves

Okay, well we already knew that the earth moves, by spinning in circles over and over again, but what about the stuff on the earth that's also moving? This map of the globe shows wind, weather, and ocean conditions, and is completely hypnotic to look at.

Morning Warm Up

Another video! This dad does the best possible motivational speech with his daughter in the morning.

“…It’s really powerful to vocalize what’s going on inside your head to someone who you know is listening to you and to know that it’s a safe enough space that you can test out dumb ideas or mistakes, and analyze them, and they’re not going to hold them against you.”
-The Quiet Leadership Institute

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