Phone Etiquette?

My most recent phone conversation with a client who always sounds in a complete and total panic every time she calls (not to mention all whine-like):

Me: Good afternoon [my work's name]
Her: Hi this is [annoying client]! Is [your boss] there?!!?!
Me: No, sorry he's out right now, would you like me to tell him you called?
Her: Will he be ba-ack?!?!!??
Me: Yes, he will.
Her: Is it okay if I call him later?!??!!!?
Me: Yes.

Okay, when I write it out like that it doesn't sound so annoying. I tried to use excessive ?'s and !'s to show how annoying it was. Why the panic? Why the neediness? Why not just have me tell him you called and then he'll call you back when he's in instead of you calling back again in 20 minutes and me having to talk to you again? Why are you asking permission to call? I cannot stop you from doing it no matter how badly I want to!

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