National Waist-Measurement Day

Another interesting diddy from the New York Times (I don't know why I didn't start reading this earlier! It's great!): Japan has imposed waistline measurements for its people. Anyone found exceeding the limit prescribed by the Japanese government (alongside their diabetes association) will be given a regimented diet if they can't lose the weight themselves in 3 months. And companies who fall short of targeted waistline measurements as a whole will be fined!

It all sounds a little harsh to me, even within the cultural framework that it's coming from. Especially since for men the maximum size a waist can be is 33.5", which is actually smaller than the recommended maximum size for women in the States. Not that we should necessarily be using the average American (or Canadian) waistline as a guide, but still. Those are some harsh restrictions to have to meet!

They did come up with a cute word for it though: metabo. Much nicer sounding than 'obese' or 'overweight', don't you think?

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