Reporting on The X-Files Season Two: Skinner Gets Real

Observations on season two of The X-Files
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Season 2 of The X-Files is complete! Things got pretty real this time around. Let's dive in with observations and questions!


Skinner is suddenly interesting. No longer the villain keeping Mulder down, he is now a dubious ally, helping where he can while constrained by forces of his own.

He is also suddenly a badass. Like Giles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, he is the master of persuasive off-camera violence. One minute he looks like a frustrated bureaucrat, and the next he has extracted both blood and information from his opponent.


Scully gets ABDUCTED? Apparently this happened because Gillian Anderson got pregnant. How is she going to keep being a skeptic after she's abducted?

Oh, turns out that she can keep being a skeptic because she doesn't remember anything from her abduction. Convenient!

Does anyone think that Scully's mom actually looks old enough to have two adult daughters?

True supernatural experiences had by Scully: voodoo-related hallucinations (could have been written off as just brain-chemistry hallucinations); an active demon possession, including a woman pinned to the ceiling of her home; seeing a bunch of aliens rush past her deep in a mine; suddenly and severely aging while trapped onboard a ship.

DUDE! Scully ate a BUG! Okay, really it was sleight of hand, but it was still pretty awesome.

Other things!

The most interesting thing about Mulder this season is that he isn't always the one obsessively pushing the paranormal agenda: at least twice, he writes something off as "normal" (including a woman's rape, go figure that Scully takes that more seriously than he does) until Scully pushes to continue investigation.

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it." - Some bad guy said that. Pretty good quote though, right? Slap that on a pretty image, throw it on Pinterest, and no one would guess it came from a villain.

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