Would you rather?

Would you rather be able to speak to animals or speak every human language?

So much benefit to both scenarios...

Would you rather switch genders every time you sneezed or not be able to tell the difference between a baby and a muffin?

Confusing in the unconnectedness of the scenarios. Switching genders would get confusing, but might be good for decreasing gender bias in the world?

Would you rather know how you die, or when you will die?

Neither is not an acceptable answer! Ugh! I think when would be better? So that I'm not constantly afraid to do a certain thing? Except I'll probably just get cancer like most people.

Would you rather always give bad advice or always receive bad advice?

If I know the advice is bad then at least I know not to follow advice I'm given. I'm guessing in this scenario I don't get to know that, though. So then... I guess receive? Just so I'm not actively ruining peoples' lives? Maybe I'll figure out eventually that all the advice I'm getting is terrible?

Would you rather stay up all night with a crying baby or helping a very irritating person with a problem you think is stupid?

I think the baby? No, the irritating person. They are both horrible.

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