Inspiration! Roundup: Overview, bottoms up, book sculptures, and more!

This week's Inspiration! Roundup includes lots of art, a daily overview, going from the bottom to the top, and more
This Week's "I Want to Go to There":
The art world of Wolfgang Palin

Daily Overview

When I think of a daily overview, I expect some kind of productivity system where you overview your entire life every day in two easy steps (that secretly break down to twenty steps each and will take up half your day, but only if you're doing it wrong). Turns out it's actually an art project by Benjamin Grant, taking satellite images of the world, documenting what humans have done to change the planet.

Screen Shot from the Daily Overview Instagram account

Bottoms Up

"It's not the bottom, it's the foundation."
-Seth Godin

Work Together to Make Things Better

Hey Americans! If you're feeling like you need to make some positive change in your world right now, you could start with Together List, a website that lets you find a charity that is working on a cause you care about.

The Book Sculptures of Jacqueline Rush Lee

Aren't the book sculptures by Jacqueline Rush Lee oddly captivating?

Learn Your Type

I love personality tests! Obviously, they never explain everything about you, but I find it so useful and interesting to learn something new about my tendencies or how my brain works. Here's a new one called 16 Personalities that seems to be a variation on the Myers-Briggs. I rated as a Campaigner (ENFP-T), whereas on the Myers-Briggs I am an ENFJ. You can take the quiz in 12 minutes and then it will email you detailed results. Then let the self-reflection begin!

Easier Said than Done

It's easy to work when you're in the groove and you just have to follow your inspiration. It's hard to work when you don't feel like it. Guess what we have to do more often?

"Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just show up and get work done." - Chuck Close quote

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