Inspiration! Roundup: 1.7 billion ways to be Muslim, recommended reading, and lots of magic

My desire to protect our waters is so strong right now. Let's go to Tofino! Go to the beach! look at the ocean. Don't  cover it in oil.
This week's "I want to go to there":
I suddenly find myself deeply desiring a return trip to the natural beauty of Tofino.
(Possibly this has everything to do with yesterday's approval of the Kinder Morgan pipeline.)

1.7 Billion Ways to be Muslim

Just like any religion, Muslims are a multi-faceted group of people. Here's a wonderful little intro video made by Vox highlighting all the different ways a person might live their Muslim faith.

Recommended Reading

Trying to expand your intake of culture beyond the default can be hard. First of all, if you're anything like me, you really want to see Dr. Strange and the new Gilmore Girls, and re-reading Harry Potter makes you feel safe and happy. There is only so much time and so much to take in. Plus, let's be honest, we have to work just a little bit harder to find things outside the default (that's why they're defaults), and nobody's got time for that.

That's why the internet is great! It's full of lists like this one, in the Guardian, collecting non-western books for students (and non-students) to read.

Magic Leap

This is by far one of the most incredible things I have ever seen.

Read more about Magic Leap in this Forbes article.

Su Blackwell Brings Books to Life

I am so in love with the magical artwork of Su Blackwell. She creates the most magical worlds out of paper and books.

Su Blackwell's magical book art is incredible.

A Harsh Reminder

Despite my love for inspiration, here's a harsh-but-true reminder about work, life, and creativity. It's not just about feeling good. Sometimes (or all the time) you just need to show up and start working.

An anti-inspiration quote from Chuck Close that is actually rather inspirational

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