The Gilmore Girls: Winter to Summer

I have not yet watched the last episode of the new Gilmore Girls season. This is not stopping me from having thoughts and opinions:

(WARNING, SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS - not of the last episode, of course, but of everything up until then.)

DID THEY NOT GET THE RIGHTS TO THE THEME SONG???? This is very upsetting. The intros feel empty and sad.

Rory is... unimpressive. I'm not talking about the fact that she doesn't know what she's doing with her life or anything. I'm talking about the way she gives up so quickly on everything. She has the curse of the naturally gifted: she's used to working hard and then seeing success. When she doesn't, she crumbles because she is not used to meeting resistance.

Lane seems like she's still a pretty cool cat, but they gave her a truly unfortunate set of mom-bangs.

There is nothing more frustrating than watching a show where everyone is unhappy because everyone feels disconnected from everyone else, but they are disconnected and unhappy because they are all lying and keeping secrets from each other!

If Rory doesn't have a valid driver's licence, why does she keep driving everywhere????

People have aged reallllly unevenly. Zack looks like a tired old man! Oh, Zack! What happened to you? Meanwhile, Kirk is a total hottie!

It seems clear that they want to tell a story that stretches over all four episodes (or "seasons", but that is confusing parlance in TV-land where seasons refer to something very different), but that doesn't mean you can't have some closure at the end of each episode. Every other TV series does it, you did it in the past, you can, too!

For example: what is with this LETTER that Emily brought up once in therapy and then never got brought up again??? This better get cleared up in the final episode.

Alex Kingston! Alex Kingston is on the show! And she is cheeky and hilarious and I love her.

Rory is kind of a total jerk. She's got a boyfriend who she ignores and constantly forgets about and won't do the service of breaking up with and sleeps with a bunch of other people including an engaged Logan, who is also being a jerk here, but expectedly.

Will Lorelei ever not be able to suddenly need to go and do something dramatic?

If you're doing a TV show with a bad play in it, you don't need to show us the bad play for 15 minutes. It's okay for your episode to be 15 minutes shorter than you intended - this is Netflix, you're not trying to fill a fixed broadcast slot.

I miss Richard.

Paris continues to be one of the best, most interesting humans. Her bathroom freak out when she holds a door shut with her stiletto'd foot is one of the finest moments in television history.

Who on earth would let Paris talk to children????

When you eat junk food like the Gilmores your insides die.

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