Oh, it is ON!

OKAY PEOPLE! Just because I am merely a lowly receptionist does not mean you can steal my pens! Really! Just because my desk is in the front, open, "public" part of the office does not mean you can rifle through its contents and steal the only good pens!

*takes a deep breath*

Here's the thing, there is a limited supply of good pens in this office. Most of them are old crappy Bic pens that clog and don't write smoothly and got shoved in a box for us to use because my boss is cheap and won't buy new ones. But for some reason we have a few non-crappy (but still Bic) pens with these little finger-grippy things, that write like a dream. A DREAM! Someone is stealing this dream away from me. Often. Letting me keep the pen for a few days until I get lulled into a false sense of happy-dreaminess, and then they steal it. This results in me plotting secret, evil revenge. In the form of stealing pens back. The problem is that while I, like the almost useless lacky performing essentially mindless work that I am, actually leave my desk once an a while, you know, for lunch breaks and to go home at 5 (resist the Lord of Accounting!). Are they jealous of my freedom? Of my frequent contact with the outside world via telephone calls? Of my whitty banter and stunning good looks? Okay, so maybe that last one's a little off topic, but hey, you never know!

Now I must hunt for a new pen.

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