Workers of the world, unite!

Upon further study and reflection I have discovered some of the key ways to resist the Lord of Accounting:

-when you run into a coworker, ask them how their weekend/evening was before. They may not talk about doing things and only how well they slept, but you will have put a small chip in the invisible barrier surrounding them.
-take your full lunch break, and leave the office to do so if at all possible. This is a key step in defeating its power!
-wear clothing with bright colours
-always leave the office promptly at 5pm
-do something besides eating and watching TV when you get home-- Read a book! See a friend! Talk on your phone (unless you've ripped out the wiring as a sacrifice to the Lord of Accounting)! Do something creative! Have a hobby!

Remember, the Lord of Accounting is not satisfied with keeping you dull and monotonous at work, it wants your entire life. It wants to keep you dull and monotonous all the time. Don't let it! Resist!

*Note: although the power of the Lord of Accounting is strongest with accountants and others who have chosen careers that involve little-to-no human interaction, it is not limited to these professions. Be vigilant! Don't let it get you too!

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