Honesty in the workplace?

Some days there is just too little to do, even for your standard BOJ. So little that any pretense of pretending to work becomes ridiculous and pointless. I could minimize my Spider Solitaire game every time you walk by, but why? Why, when the boss is not in the office and EVERYONE KNOWS that you have no work. Why pretend? That is why today I stood up and I said "NO!" Okay, well not really. Really I sat silently at my desk and thought to myself "no, I will not carry on this charade of pretending to work. It is pointless, it is stupid, and it is dishonest in a way that benefits no one and only forces me to stare at the same spreadsheet every time someone walks behind me for no good reason at all!"

I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Unless you have a job that is actually engaging or is a SOJ and you have way too much work to do to fill a week. If that's you, you're probably looking at me and thinking that I'm lucky. That I get paid to sit around, goof off on my computer, and write blogs. Well I tell you: lucky I am not! I am a person who really loves multi-tasking. I enjoy having to keep track of one too many things. Basically, what I'm trying to say, is that I enjoy doing something as opposed to doing nothing. True, I would not take a 60 hour workweek if I could avoid it, but chances are I'd take your job over mine.

Anyways, back on track. I stood up for honesty today, because for once dishonesty was becoming tiresome and unhelpful, and I played that game of Spider Solitaire. Whenever someone walked behind me, I kept that window open and I kept playing. It was... kind of weird actually. But then I won! I won for the first time in ages, and I have accredited this to the gods smiling down on my honesty and rewarding me for it.

Maybe I'll try this again...

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