China/Olympics Follow-Up

Okay, still bringing politics into the workplace, which is still unadvisable, but I've been coming across a lot of articles about the whole China/Human Rights/Olympics fiasco, and I feel like sharing.

A little while ago, I complained that everyone else was complaining about the Olympics going to China amidst some severe human rights violations without actually doing anything to motivate change.

Here's what's happening now:

-The IOC doesn't want to overstep it's bounds, so to speak, and do anything to force change, BUT...
-After IOC suggesting that censorship looks bad, certain newsy websites have been unblocked in China
-The Dalai Lama has expressed his support for the China Olympics and the right to peaceful protest
-In order to avoid violent protest (or at least the broadcast of violent protest) the Chinese government is likely going to ban broadcasters (read: NBC, CBC, etc) from Tiananmen Square, costing networks loads of cash, as well as their ability to claim they are "Broadcasting straight to you! Live! Exclusive! Right in the centre of everything! Which is way more than you can expect from other networks not rich enough to buy their way in here!"
-Many countries in Europe are considering boycotting the Opening Ceremonies, although good ol' Harper wasn't planning on going anyways because he's too cool(?).

And of course there have been loads of protests in pretty much every city the torch run has gone through.

So there you have it. Maybe people are starting to do something? Maybe there will be some change? Or maybe it's all just talk.

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