Karmakarmakarmakarma Chameleon...

The waste is astounding! Yesterday my boss, after I was gone, printed off some envelopes to send tax returns back to clients. After he printed them he realized that the clients' names were in a slightly larger font than the addresses. SO HE REPRINTED ALL THE ENVELOPES. Seriously? Does that matter that much? Sure, it might not look quite as good, but on our letterhead, as well as the address stamps we use, our name is in a bigger font than our address. So why on earth can't the clients?

As it turns out, however, environmental karma is (as they say) a bitch, because when he was reprinting them he accidentally addressed one of the envelopes wrong and so it got sent to the wrong person. They just called us about it. Gotta love that, sending confidential financial info to the wrong person, eek! Oh well, that's what you get for wasting envelopes, especially when you refuse to buy recycled paper because it's moderately more expensive!

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