This is kind of pointless.

It's as if the back alley behind my office is considered a personal driveway, except to several people instead of just one. It's the quickest route for me to get to Broadway or the coffee shop behind my work where I often sit and read without buying anything on my lunches. It's also frequently blocked by moving trucks, garbage trucks, sewage trucks (seriously, what kind of things are people around there doing that there are so many of these things that I've noticed it?), or some kind of construction materials. Or today, when I was walking from the bus, a giant tarp. Yes, a tarp. I don't know why, but two men were spreading a huge tarp across the alley.

Anyways, it's kind of annoying and often kind of smelly. But I'm actually not that upset about it, so it doesn't amount to much of a rant.

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