A day's work

Dear me. I have been doing data entry all day*. Lord of Accounting-style data entry which means that I'm adding up long long lists of numbers and then entering them into a system and then going over the lists again and again and again to figure out how to make them balance, which never happens on the first try because either a) I missed a number/entered it wrong at some point (I am, of course, the picture of perfection, but it does happen once and a while...) or b) the client didn't fill in their spreadsheet properly and so the numbers are out of whack.


*By "all day" of course I mean interspersed with my other online activities, as well as READING because today I was alone in the office for a good chunk of the day! Yip-pee! But still, the data-entering has been torment. I swear.

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