Drinky drinky!

And more news from the New York Times...

It looks like research has not shown that the pesky (for Americans or 20 year old Canadians visiting the States) drinking age of 21 is actually decreasing the number of drunk driving accidents. While it's true that I found 19 years old to be an annoying drinking age, mostly because I couldn't get into a lot of concerts I wanted to see that were in alcohol-laden venues, and it's true that I still do think that at the age of 18 you should be able to order a beer with your lunch, it is also true that young people are stupid. This makes them much less likely to use alcohol-purchasing power to order a beer with lunch and much more likely to get ridiculously drunk and do stupid things, like drive their cars.

So I cringe to say that... I agree with the idea of slightly older drinking ages (although 21 might be a little extra-old? And kind of arbitrary if you ask me.) But only because we live in a society that has a very disfunctional relationship with alcohol in the first place.

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