Here's my current problem:

I've got an hour and a half left to go sitting at this desk, and because I've had some tasks to complete all day (for the hugest part non-work related) I'm not in the state of boredom where I start wondering if I can use sheer will to pluck out arm hair or something. But now I've realized that I've exhausted all possible things to do, and that the only thing left to do (check facebook again, skim news sites, etc etc) will undoubtably leave me in the aforementioned state. This is undersirable and I must think of a way to avoid it, which means creating some kind of a mini-project for myself for the rest of the day. But what can it be? I guess I could fall back on trying to plan my future. That generally takes up a little time and some brain energy before exhaustion/disollustionment set in.

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