Break this!

Well, the Lord of Accounting has struck again. I'm peeved. One of the tiny bits of control I had over my life here at work is no longer. My boss told me that I always have to take my lunch at 12:30pm from now on. Boo! Why? Apparently he thinks it will be better for when clients call (because I'm sure it's very difficult for them to have to listen to the automated voice-thingy to get to his desk phone than to have me do it for them). I know this isn't necessarily a huge deal, and I am reacting far more negatively to it than maybe I should, but still, what the EF? Who really cares when I take my lunch? I just really liked taking my lunch later in the day. It was better. The afternoon went faster and I was getting to make a choice.

Stupid Lord of Accounting. Yes, you have won this one. My spirit has been crushed--but just a smidge. But I will find a way to get you back... Somehow!

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