My desk is nobodies desk but mine, you can touch your desk and I will touch mine!

Am I wrong in thinking that in an office your desk is your little domain? It's like your mini-home, right? It's personal property? You wouldn't just go rummaging around in someone's desk, just like you wouldn't rummage around their bedroom (unless of course you were looking for something that you were really sure was there and you put everything back so that they couldn't tell what you were doing), right? I understand that the reception desk is mildly less private than everyone else's desk, being that things are kept here that aren't kept elsewhere (stamps, scissors, the PENS EVERYONE STEALS)... But is it too much to ask that you put things back the way you found them? For example:

Stamps. We get them on those rolls of 50 and I am a little anal retentive and don't like having big loose rolls of stamps in my drawer. So I keep the little sticker thingy that the roll comes with and I use it. Proper use involves pulling the loose end of the roll until it's tight, wrapping the remnant around and affixing the sticker, possibly ripping off excess paper. Improper use involves not using the sticker at all or affixing it without tightening anything so it's still loose and useless! Come ON people!

Pens. We've all hear about the pens. They get stolen. I get angry.

Elastics. All the extra elastics from holding together files, etc., end up on my desk eventually. I put them in a drawer and keep them in a somewhat organized ball so they don't spill all over everything. When you take an elastic, is it really necessary to rip them all apart? Can't you just take one and leave the rest? Do you need therapy for your destructive tendencies?

My freaking STRAW. I feel like this has gone too far, because this is MY straw, not the company's straw. You see, I drink a Coke Zero (et al.) pretty much every day in warm weather. I need the caffeine and the bubbles make me feel like I can get through the day. However, to keep at least one part of my body (my teeth) from getting discoloured and corroded from this practice, I use a straw. I keep it here, I rinse it after use and once and a while replace it. Neurotic, sure. Mine, YES. Why would someone steal/throw this away? I had it tucked in my drawer, not lying out like a piece of trash!


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