Blogger oddities

This has been kind of bugging me for a long time. Whenever I go to write a new post on here, the page to compose my post in doesn't fully load until I click in the text box. It's so weird. The toolbar (you know, with the bold, italics, add a link, etc. functions) is absent until the moment I click.

Maybe Blogger is trying to make me feel like I'm in control? Like it really is a completely user-activated tool? Maybe it's working? Maybe I'll soon get drunk off the modicum of power surrendered to me until I start showing up for work at erratic hours, wearing whatever clothes I darn-well want, and saying things like "Type that letter yourself, what's wrong, did you hurt your fingers as well as your foot?", or "I can't answer the phone right now, can't you see I'm Facebooking my cousin about the upcoming M-Dolla concert?" (This change, would of course be a stark contrast to my current "scuttle into work just barely on time, wearing the office-appropriate clothing my Mom bought me because I didn't have any of my own, spend half my day doing personal things online but quickly closing the window whenever someone walks by to avoid getting caught" attitude)

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