She's back.

After a sudden onset of bussing-to-work-on-Monday-morning-I-swear-I-was-actually-sick-and-not-prolonging-the-weekend illness that has been remedied with hours of daytime sleep, internet episodes of Sex and the City and Friends, yoga, and (once the stomach settled) cookie dough, I am back! Being just sick enough to miss work but not so sick I was miserable in bed was lovely yesterday, and I highly recommend everyone tries it once and a while.

In my absence there has been one major change to the office: air conditioning! Well, sort of. We have one of those stand-alone air conditioners now and it kind of work except that it's not very strong and is in the corner of the office where the photocopier and fax machine lie (which will make the use of those machines slightly more bearable). But still, cool air is sort of being pumped into our stuffy office, and this is a nice thing.

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