Faxed Time

Interesting. Recall, if you will, my Battle of the Dinosoars from a while back where I pitted the old, cronkly fax machine against the old, cronkly photocopier, and the fax won the honour of Worst and Most Freaking Annoying Piece of Office Equipment to Use, pushed over the edge mainly by its unbearable slowness that I had guesstimated at 1 minute per page where the user is forced to stand and watch to prevent paper jamming and fax lossages.

Well, today I had the pleasure of sending a few faxes, on 32 pages long and one 13 pages long. Oh yes. I timed them, just for fun. The 32 page fax took 17 minutes, a time well below my 1 min/pg estimation-of-pain, but still really really freaking long. Just to throw a loop in the whole thing, however, the 13 page fax ALSO TOOK 17 MINUTES! I am thrown. I am perplexed. I am grrrred. However, I am also slightly relieved. Now I understand. The fax machine will always take 17 minutes, no matter how many pages need be faxed (or maybe for faxes above the 5-page count, because I definitely would have noticed 17 minutes for 5 pages, as I've sent 5 pagers relatively frequently). Now I my seething anger and frustration need not mount to Level Red: Danger/Lethal because I now know what to expect.


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