Happy Hump-Day

So far today:

I spilled half my bowl of cereal on my lap this morning and had to change (especially awesome because I was having one of those "stare at all my clothes and can't think of a single way to put them together" mornings, so this took a while).

My bus was late, ergo I was late.

My legs got soaking wet because someone decided it was a good idea to leave their sprinklers running even though its raining out and their sprinklers spray not only their grass but the entire sidewalk. There was no where to go but through it. Sort of like that song from elementary school, "can't go under it, can't go over it, can't go around it, have to go through it!" Remember?

Finally, I sit at my desk, different clothes than I intended to wear (which, I just noticed, don't match well), late (although I was still the first one here), wet-legged, and looking forward to a day of data entry.

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