A battle is won.

Score one for me vs. the Lord of Accounting! After I got back from my lunch I realized that I had woefully forgotten to purchase my daily Coke Zero/Diet Pepsi Max/Diet Pepsi/Diet Coke (any of the above in that order of preference), which I only needed to purchase in the first place because I had forgotten to bring from home my daily Coke Zero (et al.)

This would have ensued in such horrible things as me being overly warm, less refreshed, and possibly slightly headache-y from lack of caffeine. Not acceptable, but what's a girl to do when her break has been over for 10 minutes already? I'll tell you what she does: she says "EF YOU!" to the Lord of Accounting and goes and gets one anyways! (Note: "EF YOU!" roughly translates into actual English as saying to the boss "Do you mind if I run to the store and get a drink? I forgot to on my lunch?" Asking this fully takes advantage of the fact that my boss has recently realized that it's summer and the tax season is over and he is a BOSS and thus not subject to the Lord of Accounting's direct rule, and so he can loosen up a bit and wear black jeans with a belt and tucked in polo shirt to work [ha!] and take an extra long-long weekend.)


Anyways, I got 10 extra minutes of fabulous joy by being outside in the sun, and I got my Coke Zero. Score one!

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