Activist and Receptionist?

I've decided to start using some of my free time here at work to write letters (and by letters I mean email, because who writes letters anymore? .... *sigh* ... letters were nice, weren't they?) to government-types about issues. I figure, why not? I care about stuff and I've got loads of free time with a keyboard in front of me. Maybe this will be a better use of my time than reading about weird things that Koreans like that are only really weird because of our cultural perspective but still, weird right? Plus I keep getting invited to all these activist-y facebook groups, and I'm selective about which facebook groups I join because, you know, that says a lot about me as a person. But I still want Stephen Harper (and Gordo and everyone else) to stop being a-holes.

So I started today by writing to the senate and some Conservative people (got the email addresses from a facebook group, natch) about Bill C-10 which is stupid and I don't like it because it's basically censorship at the hands of the Conservatives. For a more concise and level-headed description, check here or here, or if you want to see it from another angle: try this.

Just so you know, I don't really want to pay for porn or excessive violence with my theoretical tax dollars (I haven't really paid taxes yet), however none of us have yet because there are already regulations in place by an independent third party (Telefilm) to prevent that undesirable event. Geez! Stop being an A-Hole and get it together Stepho!

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