Etiquette Shmettiquette

Oh clothing, dear clothing... When I started working office jobs my mom took me shopping for appropriate clothing, and since my office is somewhat casual this wasn't the horrendous tailored jackets and colour coordinated slacks one might imagine, but consisted of a few collared shirts, some cute sweaters, and dressy t-shirts (that cover the tummy and cleavage areas of course), and of course some dress pants and skirts. I was instructed to never have bare legs in the office (tights/stockings under skirts or pants worn at all times), never wear jeans, keep my shoulders covered (no tank tops? Boo!), the crappy dirty old canvas flats I love so dearly, and to not at any time wear one of my home-made t-shirts. It was also suggested that part of office attire means wearing more make up than I tend to (meaning more than cover up under my eyes).

The make-up aside, I more or less abided by these rules except for one. As soon as the weather warmed up I shunned tights. I'm considering shunning sleeves too. It's just so warm and unnecessary! It's not like I'm planning on wearing a camisole to work, but come on, a wide-strapped tank top? Who cares? Maybe I'll just change my role here to be the "funky and slightly off-beat" receptionist.

At least I'm not wearing fuzzy yellow track pants, which is more than I can say for one of my coworkers. (HOW the Lord of Accounting let that slip I'll never know!)

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