Top 5 Awesome Things About Data Entry

I've been doing a lot of data entry for the past two days. And by "a lot", I don't really mean that I've had a lot of data to enter, but that it's all of done when I'm actually working. There are a few things that get me excited in a very nerdy way while I'm doing this.

-When the amount I'm entering has consecutive numbering. Eg: $123.64 (note how if you inversed the last two numbers it would just be missing the 5 for perfectness)

-When the amount I'm entering is similar to the number of the cheque it came from. Eg: $204.94 from cheque number 204!!!! It's insane!

-When consecutive amounts I enter are eerily similar. Eg: $148.49 $184.78 $184.78 $184.78 $184.96 $185.33 $208.08 $408.48 (Do you see it?!? DO YOU SEE IT??!!!?)

-When (as sort of seen in two of the numbers above) consecutive amounts are mirror images of each other. Eg: $148.39 $184.78

Do I need to get out more?

The correct answer is: yes.

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