Superman does his taxes too.

We have a client who's name (which I won't actually reveal because I'm sure it would be some kind of confidentiality issue) sounds a lot like an actor who once played Superman's name. It's fun. I pretend I'm filing Superman's financial information, or that Superman just sent me a fax.

Oh Superman.

So cool.

When are they going to make another Superman movie? What with all the superhero movies being made and re-made, as well as the potential for awesome darkness to be woven into his tale (expelled from his home planet, mysterious adoptive parents who are really far too wholesome, all the broodiness that comes with keeping your impervious skin a secret, all the Buffy-like isolation that comes with constantly saving the world, there is SO MUCH potential for dark secrets in both his and Lois Lane's pasts!)

Revision: Okay, so a quick Google search has reminded me that they made Superman Returns in 2006. Which leads me to ask a new question: When are they going to make an AWESOME Superman movie that's not completely forgettable?

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