Lately I've taken to looking up stuff on Craigslist while at work. Mostly I look at the free stuff. It's really entertaining to see what kind of things people will try to use Craigslist to unload. Mostly it's couches and desks and TVs other such things that are old and crappy and not worth selling because back in the olden days you would have just dropped it in front of the nearest thrift store and walked away. But there are some fantastic gems and interesting contrasts between the stuff listed here.

For example:

-A set of martini glasses that you could probably get for a few dollars at Ikea
-Old, used plant pots
-A freaking FREE CAMPER!!! (I want this I really do, but there is the slight problem of having nothing to tow it with. But imagine owning a camper! How fun! How freeing! Drive wherever you want and sleep in parking lots!)
-Cloth diapers??? hmmmm... it says they're clean but I'm just mildly suspicious of this.
-a Brita container.
-and finally.... legal-sized file folders. Because it's just too hard to recycle those.

I just love that there are listings for items of true value like the camper (!!!), or the standard ugly-but-functional furniture that's always posted on here, next to a brita filter and file folders. I guess really it's somewhat kind-hearted of these people to want to give all this stuff away instead of disposing of it, and if someone actually does really need cloth diapers it would be nice for them to get them for free instead of buying new ones. Also, it is better for the environment. However, I just can't help but think that this is 90% laziness and that no one's going to drive out to Langley or Pitt Meadows for this stuff, free or not.

Except for the camper. That is awesome and I still want it.


  1. Just what you always needed:

    And somewhat more creepy:

  2. Oh man, that's awesome in the bizzarro creepy kind of way. I especially love that the woman with the baby food felt the need to yell the whole time, as she's standing on a busy streetcorner selling the product like one of those old-times newsboys and not posting online.

    PS: This woman is also obviously a terrible mother for not breastfeeding her child.