Look at me, Ma, no wires!

Okay, so I've joined the marketing team for this new thing called Energi to Go, which is a battery-powered charger for your iPod that you can take with you wherever you go. If this is not self-explanatory, the idea is that when your battery dies on your commute or what-have-you, you won't be stuck with the horrors of no music/videos until you get home. You just flip on the Energi to Go and your iPod charges while it plays. Technology at its finest.

I just got mine in the mail. Actually, it got couriered to my office which made me feel really special because I never get anything couriered to me, let alone at the office. It came in this really big box too, which probably made me look very important (or wasteful of office space, but whatever).

First impressions: not very impressed with Energizer (makers of this product) for their packaging. The product's packaging is fine. It's a little box with barely any extraneous plastic used to hold the slightly-bigger-than-your-average-iPod-sized charger and batteries. But like I said, they sent it to me in this huge box. While there is the upside of looking impressive when I sign for it, it was so FREAKING wasteful. And why did they send it to me in a huge box? Because they gave me a ridiculous Energizer Bunny along with it. I seriously don't know what to do with this thing because I sure don't want it. They could have sent this thing in a shoebox for Pete's sake. I am rolling my eyes and wagging my finger at you, Energizer! I guess I'll wait and see how the product fares before final judgement, but so far, not so hot.

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