Failing at Life

A black and whtie, animated GIF of a young Bob Dylan standing in the street holding a sign that says fail on it. He drops the sign on the ground to reveal another sign that says fail.

You cannot fail at life.

Yes, some things will make you feel happier about your life. Like your life is more or less meaningful. Like you are more or less competent.

You can fail at a task. You can fail to meet a goal. You can fail to express the values you want to express.

These things add up to a major contribution to what your life is, but they are not everything. At every moment, you make the best choice you can given what is available to you. (That includes not only the external context and what you know, but also how you're feeling and your internal needs at the time.)

You are a person. You cannot fail at being a person.

You have a body. You cannot fail at having a body.

You are living your life. You cannot fail at life.

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