Read It: 100 Demon Dialogue

I just came across Lucy Bellwood's 100 Demon Dialogue project, where she drew 100 comics about conversations with her inner demon.

First of all - I have loooooooved the idea of actually chatting with all my dark voices (instead of just trying to ignore them when they worm through my brain) and haven't really tried it. Will do it. (Or rather, want to do it. Might do it. We'll see. Intention is there, though.)

Second, these little conversations are so relatable. Here are some faves:

Comic drawing: Lucy is standing with her feet on different grey circles like a game of Twister, almost doing the splits while clinging to a suitcase. The demon lounges on her leg and says, "Oh come on, how hard can it be? Just keep one foot on work and one on wellbeing!" Lucy says, "I do not like this game."

Black and white comic: The demon stands beside Lucy, whose head has become a large thundercloud complete with a raging thunderstorm. The demon says, "It will always be like this!" Lucy says, "It will not always be like this."

Black and white comic: The demon is looking at its watch while Lucy lies facedown in bed. The demon says, "If you keep waiting to start til eleven these are all going to be rubbish." Lucy says, "Okay. First of all: how dare you."

Read them all!

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