Learning: Let's Dig into Defunding the Police

Black Square

No More Money for the Police: A NY Times article on

"More training or diversity among police officers won’t end police brutality, nor will firing and charging individual officers. Look at the Minneapolis Police Department, which is held up as a model of progressive police reform. The department offers procedural justice as well as trainings for implicit bias, mindfulness and de-escalation. It embraces community policing and officer diversity, bans “warrior style” policing, uses body cameras, implemented an early intervention system to identify problematic officers, receives training around mental health crisis intervention, and practices “reconciliation” efforts in communities of color."

"The solution to ending police violence and cultivating a safer country lies in reducing the power of the police and their contact with the public. We can do that by reinvesting the $100 billion spent on policing nationwide in alternative emergency response programs, as protesters in Minneapolis have called for. City, state and federal grants can also fund these programs."

Building a Police-Free Future: An FAQ

"The people who respond to crises in our community should be the people who are best-equipped to deal with those crises. Rather than strangers armed with guns who do not live in the neighbourhoods they're patrolling, we want to create a space for mental health service providers, social workers, victim/survivor advocates, religious leaders, neighbors and friends."

To Continue to Partner with Police is To Be Complicit

“While some people point to some police services as ‘better’ it does not change the fact that police do not hold each other accountable,” he said via email. “Systemic change is needed in lieu of piecemeal reform.”

'Defunding' police, funding mental health resources will save lives: experts

“We have made police officers into the people who respond to all sorts of forms of social difficulty,” he said. “At what point do you say, these things aren’t policing?”

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