Bringing That Big COVID Energy


I think COVID may have completely changed my capacity for busyness.

This past weekend I had two things: on Saturday, a stagette for a friend. On Sunday, a birthday celebration.

(Insert here the necessary disclaimer that both gatherings were fully pandemic-style and followed all the rules for what we are allowed to do in my province to gather safely! As a result, both were also relatively chill backyard gatherings.)

Today? I am DONE. I feel like I could use a full day off to recover from all that socializing. All those two whole things that I did over the course of a weekend.

It's Big COVID Energy: summoning everything you've got to essentially sit in a backyard or park with some people and then feeling totally drained from the effort.

It's sort of like when I was in deep grief over the end of my last relationship and had no energy to do anything, except that now I am not heavy-laden with all that sadness. (Thank goodness.)

Actually, the fun truth is that last year around this time I was emerging from that mourning and embarking on a Summer of Fun to reclaim the joy in my life. Meanwhile, this summer I, along with the rest of the world, have been constrained back into a life that closely resembles last year's grief-laden existence.

What an on-the-nose reminder that we truly never know what is going to happen.

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