When Google Fails

I just searched "how to make vanilla cupcakes awesome" and came up with no useful links.  I am very disappointed with this.  Why do people not make websites specifically devoted to what I am looking for?  Why does Google not give me the answers I need even if these websites do not exist?  Why is everyone so lame?

I asked the question, by the by, because I making cupcakes for my friend's birthday and she doesn't like chocolate (I know, I know... just give up now, the anger is futile) and she is an expert baker and always makes amazing things and I feel like plain vanilla cupcakes will not do.  I am going to put frosting in the middle of them, but still.  They need something more.  But what????  I can't stand it when people put citrus into sweet things, so I will NOT put lemon in them, don't even suggest it.

Anyways, I'll let you know what I come up with, if I come up with anything at all, and then maybe someone else will have a better outcome when they google "how to make vanilla cupcakes awesome."

I'm just here to help save the world, one google search at a time.

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