Baby things are by far some of the best things ever.  Whether they be of the animal or human variety, they are the best.  Probably not baby plants though.  I'm pretty sure grown-up plants are better because they have all that fruit and flowers and the other things that you actually planted the plant to get.  Baby plants are just rife with the threat that you will forget to water them and they will die.

Do you not believe me that all baby things excepting plants are the best?  Let me convince you.

Reason #1: They are tiny and tiny automatically means cuter.
Picture a tiny thing.  It's cute, right?

Reason #2: They are tiny versions of otherwise large things, making the tiny-cuteness factor much more prominent.
Now picture a regular sized thing and then picture a tiny version of the same thing right beside it.  Even CUTER, right?

This is really the best one ever.  It is the entire inspiration for this post.  Holding a kitten in your hand?  Or a puppy?  Or a HUMAN?  It's so amazing it's like the WTF of amazingness!!!  This is the first time I've ever typed "WTF" in my life so I must be serious.  Plus, did you know that there are some animals that are so small when they're babies that you could hold MORE THAN ONE of them in your hand?  I'm not even joking.  Go ahead and die right now, there's no way you can continue to live with even the concept of that much cuteness available.

Reason #4: They rub their ears and faces.
For some reason, grown-ups tend to stop doing this.  Or it just makes them look tired and haggard and twitchy.

Reason #5: Sometimes they look at stuff and then look at you and it's like they recognize you even though you know they don't have the cognitive capacity to actually recognize you yet it makes you feel like they do and then you feel all special because the baby thing recognized YOU!  This means you are special!
'Nuff said.

Reason #6: They try to do things they don't have the motor functioning to actually do yet.  
Have you seen a kitten try to pounce?  Or a baby human try to walk?  With the almost standing and the falling and the wobbling?  It's pretty much the best thing EVER.

Reason #7: They clean themselves.
Have you seen a baby animal clean itself?  HAVE YOU?  How much of you died from seeing that?  Did you even survive?  Are you sure that you're not dead right now?  (PS: human babies do not clean themselves, but are still very cute while being cleaned by others, but in a very different way.  So this one mostly only applies to baby animals.  Sorry baby humans, you have been one-upped.)

All these reasons, and more, turn me into a squealing ball of happiness.  My body doesn't know what to do with all the cuteness in front of its face, so it literally starts to curl in on itself.  It's amazing.  And kind of painful, but in that really good way.

Note: Roomie came up with #4 and #5.  Credit given.

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