International Whistlers Week is almost over and I have yet to do a single THING to commemorate this occasion!  I am so so so so sorry... I just don't even know what to say.  This is huge.  Okay, so to make it up to all the whistlers of the world, I am going to talk about some songs that have whistling in them.

The first one that springs to mind is "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay" by Otis Redding.  Now, I don't know if this is true because I've heard that it's not (after I heard that it is, obviously) but apparently the whole verse of whistling got inserted into the song because OTIS REDDING DIED before they finished that song.  SERIOUSLY!  It's totally might be true!

Okay, I'm going to google it to find out.

Okay, I've googled it and am on Otis Redding's wikipedia page.

Why didn't I just look up the wikipedia first?

OH MY WORD!  It's actually true.  This is amazing.  Okay, well sort of true.  What happened was that Otis Redding tragically died in a horrible horrible plane crash that only one person survived from which really sucks (although maybe he was just stranded on Lost this whole time?  I don't know, I never watched that show, but I bet he was on it.  Maybe now that the show's canceled he'll be back?), but it was a mere three days after recording that song.  Old Otie totally meant to write lyrics to that verse later and then never got a chance to because he was dead/stuck on some weird tropical island where women are not fertile and so can have lots of sex with no repercussions (what about STI's y'all?  Did the island also kill STI's?) and I don't know anything else that happens in that storyline.

So pretty much what I'm saying here is that Otis Redding is Lost.  As in, he is the entire show.  This is HUGE.  And we never would have discovered it if it weren't for International Whistlers Week.

PS: Sorry for only talking about ONE song with whistling in it when I promised multiple songs with whistling, but don't you think figuring out that Otis Redding is not actually dead but is that stupid TV show that people get obsessed with, which I just don't understand because I refuse to watch it, is more of a big deal than listing multiple songs with whistling?  No?  Okay fine I will think of more songs with whistling except that I can't because that's the only one that matters.  I assume that Simon and Garfunkel whistled at one point though.  And also The Beatles because they did everything.  There.  Are you happy NOW?  No?  Well I'm not happy either, but I know how to deal with my deep and crippling sadness without taking it out on others.

PPS: Today is also cellophane tape day, but that's stupid and I refuse to recognize it because this is CANADA and we don't say cellophane tape, we say scotch tape, so STICK IT!  (Ha!  Get it?  Stick it?  With tape?  HA!)  Also, that really confused me the first time I read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets because Ron sticks his broken wand back together with cellotape and I was all like "WTF is cellotape, that's crazy!  Is it some special magical tape JK Rowling invented for Harry Potter's magical world?" and then my really wise friend was all "that's British for scotch tape" because she knows stuff, and then I was all embarrassed.  Then I was just angry because why would JK Rowling write a beautiful, perfect world where wizards and witches exist and everyone lives in harmony except for one stupid evil guy but that's okay because he dies in the end (spoiler alert!) and then force magical people to use something stupid like cellotape to fix their magic wand?  I mean, they have a juice that grows bones back, couldn't they have a juice that grows wands back?  Seriously JK - what were you thinking?

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