The Sunday Main Street Restaurant Series

Today was a restaurant-y day for me.  This morning I went to Habit for my dear friend's birthday brunch, then this evening my parents came out for dinner and we went to The Main and then Sweet Revenge for dessert.

The quick and dirty reviews:

Habit: great food, good price point, awesome decor (glowing papier mache deer trophy?  YES!), bad service (why is it that "hip" always translates to "slow" when it comes to restaurants?  Can't you be cool and efficient at the same time?  Or does coolness prevent you from hiring enough staff?)

The Main: good Greek food, cute bassist in the live jazz trio, closest thing to a neighbourhood pub this part of Main Street has to offer.

Sweet Revenge: cute teacups, delicious delicious creme brulee, gluten free dessert options, great decor.

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