Spring, I Thank Thee

Dear Spring,

Thank you for existing.  I know you are a fickle season.  You will shine the bright sun and make me think that it is a pleasant and warm, maybe even (dare I say it?) hot day, and entice me into leaving my home with only a light Spring Jacket (look!  You even have a jacket named after you!), only to find that it is actually freezing cold outside.  You will start off rainy and windy, and then turn blazing hot as soon as I get on the bus in my galoshes and coat, with umbrella under arm, so that while I'm out for the rest of the day until 11pm I look like I was expecting a monsoon.

Some might say that you're worse than fickle, Spring.  Some might say that you are just plain mean.

I do not.  I embrace you.  Even when I leave the house with coat and scarf only to find that I am Too Hot as I walk to the bus.  I embrace being Too Hot.  Too Hot is a wonderful feeling after being too cold (does not deserve capitalization) for months.  You herald the summer, which is (I'm sorry, but it's true) the ultimate and most happiest time of year.  You bring light into the evening.  You have air that smells faintly like flowers all the time, as opposed to rotting leaves (fall), soggy and cold death (winter), or baked urine (summer).  The main reason I embrace you, however?


You have NO IDEA how much these brightly coloured, oversized pieces of plastic mean to my happiness.  The only thing that could possibly make me happier than sunglasses is brightly coloured shoes, which are also a part of your bounty.

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