I'm pretty sure I will have nightmares about this

The Handfish.  It's a fish that walks on hand-like fins.  Seriously.  This is a missing link that I can just imagine crawling along my floor at night and up the side of my bed.  Can you imagine waking up with this thing towering over you?  Can you imagine dying on the spot before it has a chance to any evil, murderous-fish type things to you?  I can.  And don't try to tell me I'm safe because I don't live under water.  If this is a fish that adapted to have feet, how do we know it doesn't also have lungs?  Exactly.

The handfish will eat you and your babies.  If you don't have any yet it will eat your future fertility.  Which is pretty much inevitable once it eats you, if you think about it.

Via, as always, Boing Boing.

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