Lately I have reverted to what you might call "University Andrea."  University Andrea stays awake completely unnecessarily.  Right now it is not what you might call obscenely late, but it is late and I have absolutely no reason for being up.  I should go to bed.  All I have to do is get myself out of this chair.  If I get out of this chair I will have no choice but to put my snack dishes in the sink and brush my teeth and wash my face and lie down in bed.  That's just the way it works.  All I have to do is stand up.

That's it.




Well, let's be honest, I'm never going to stand up as long as I'm typing.  It's not like I can get up and get ready for bed and write about that while it's happening.  I would have to either write about it in advance and thus be lying about what I'm doing and possibly still not get up after I'm done, or do everything and then sit back down to write about it and thus be back exactly where I started.  There is absolutely no way for me to tell you about getting ready for bed as it happens.

This, by the by, is the fundamental problem that arises in any novel written in journal or letter form.  They always end up giving far too detailed accounts of events, written as if the person is experiencing them at the time.  It's just not POSSIBLE.  Real letters contain abridged descriptions of conversations with the occasional direct quote, but only if it was something particularly hilarious.  A letter of a few pages or more actually takes a pretty long time to write.  Same goes for journal entries.  THIS IS JUST THE WAY THE WORLD WORKS, AUTHORS OF THE WORLD!  Let's try for some realism.


Okay, maybe I'll go to bed now.  Or I'll look up Wind Mobile to see if their cell plans really are cheaper or not.

PS: Speaking of novels written in journal or letter form, when are there going to be novels written in blog form?  Oh wait, there probably are.  I bet they're YA novels.  And terrible.  Wait, I'm going to look it up...  Okay, I didn't find any novels written in blog-entry form, but I did find a blog that is posting all the journal entries that make up the story of Dracula on the day they actually happened in the story.  Dracula is also a perfect example of a novel that has this problem, although they try to explain it by saying that Mina is an expert at shorthand, I don't really think that's a good enough explanation.

Update: The Wind plans seem complicated and not so much cheaper.  Canadian cell phone plans continue to be sad shadows of their global counterparts.  Sad shadows that rip you off, probably to compensate for how sad they are.

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