What once was lost now is found...

I was fading, and fading fast.  I have been working all day straight with barely any breaks and I swear human beings just weren't intended to do that.  Or maybe I'm just from a far too spoiled generation.  Either way, my brain hurts really bad.  To make matters worse, I don't have any music on my work computer anymore because of some stupid network synching problems and don't ask me what that means, I just do what computery people tell me and delete my iTunes library.  GONE.

All work and no music makes Andrea an insane girl.  Brain is disappearing.

UNTIL!  I discovered Grooveshark!  I'm sure everyone already knew about this because I'm really behind on the internet-times, but still.  Pretty effing cool.  It's like Lastfm used to be before it started charging.  Yay for free music online!  

My brain is BACK!

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