Depuis que tu es parti, je peux respire pour le premier fois, je bouge encore (oui oui)...

Why is it that it always seems pretentious and like a vile form of douchebaggery when people unnecessarily use French words where English would do?  It's just not fair!  I like using French words where English would do!

I know, I know... it's pretentious because it seems to be flaunting the fact that I speak some French and showing that I am "cultured" or what have you.  But what if that's not what I'm trying to do?  What if I am just a realllly melodramatic person and I also have a touch of hipster in me (YES!  I admit it - you should too.  Denial is the worst trait of hipsterdom) forcing me to love irony.  It's just so darn fun to throw my hands up and cry "quelle dommage!" or "sacre bleu!" or to shrug and say "peut-etre" with an exaggerated franco-grimace.  Be honest, doesn't crawling on your hands and knees gasping "s'il .... vous .... plait!" feel much more satisfying than crying "pleasepleasepleaseplease!" like a five year old?  What? You don't crawl on your knees and beg regularly?  Oh, just me then.  Tres embarassante...  (That, my friends, is what we call a PRIME EXAMPLE!)

And so I official RECLAIM the use of the French language in daily conversation for the purposes of hilarity, exaggeration, and irony.  Starting... MAINTENANT!


PS: If you speak French at all, please give yourself the intense joy of singing along with old pop songs loudly in a literal French translation.  It will make your life so much better.

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