Adventures with Online Dating

I have a Plenty of Fish account.

Before I tell the rest of this story, I feel I must reveal my reasons for doing so.  Mostly because while I am comfortable with my reasons for joining and I know that most people who are on there are pretty cool/normal, I still am afraid people will judge me and think I'm a sad little desperate girl.  And I'm just not.

Remember how I told you I had a boyfriend once?  Well I did, once.  Now I don't anymore, and I'm actually pretty stoked about that.  I had all sorts of revelations after the boyfriend became a former boyfriend, mostly along the lines of realizing that my life is actually pretty awesome, and I am an awesome person as well.  I am honest-to-goodness super happy to be a singleton and have embraced life to the fullest.

However, at the end of my relationship I also realized that I had never done the "dating" thing.  Meaning I had gone on literally 4 dates in my entire life (depending on how you define a date) before Former Boyfriend, and they were all with different people.  I had all sorts of messed up ideas about dating, and I mostly blame them on growing up in Abbotsford.  Regardless, I was over those issues now and wanted to experience this thing called "dating", where you actually just go out with people in order to find out if you like them instead of waiting until you are halfway in love with someone and pining after them for ages hoping they'll notice you and then being really sad when they don't actually fall all over themselves to shower you in embarrassingly romantic gestures.  It seemed like a new and awesome thing to do.  Since I didn't want to wait around until I met someone new who I could go on a date with, nor did I want to wear clothes that showed my boobies and go to a club, I decided to start a Plenty of Fish account.  I realize that my aversion for wearing clothes that show my boobies might detract from my success in the realm of online dating, but heck, it's a lot less work than going out all the time.

So I went out with a few dudes and they were varying levels of awesome, and now feel as though I have conquered dating and don't need to worry about it for a little while.  I considered canceling my PoF account (that's short for Plenty of Fish, by the by), since I wasn't really getting much response on there anymore anyways (I continue to blame my lack of desire to show my boobies), but then I decided it would be more fun to conduct a social experiment.  I will alter my profile systematically to see what kinds of reactions it garners.  FUN!!!!

Right now I have chosen to make my profile a list of all my least desirable/most annoying traits.  So far no takers.  If I get anything, I'll let you know and probably post it on here if it wouldn't be too mean.  Here are the traits I have listed:

-I drop food all the time whilst eating and often spill on myself
-I studied psych and am a huge nerd about it, so often start conversations with "well, you know tons of research has shown that..." and I'm pretty sure it's really annoying
-I don't shave my legs, and although it's not as gross as you probably think it is, it's probably not that hot either, but I'm not going to do it for you
-I actually honestly love bad pop music, especially 90's divas, but also love awesome local indie music
-I currently have a cold and am sniffling all the time
-In fact, when it's cold out I sniffle all the time no matter what
-I like peanut butter way more than normal people should
-Same goes for popcorn - it makes me really happy
-I may be one of the most picky eaters you've ever met
-I am incredibly frugal most of the time
-I am super poor (but that's because I choose to work in the theatre industry and may have some bearing on the above note)
-I love sci fi and think I am being hilarious when really I'm not
-I often drink on weeknights
-I have big difficulties waking up in time for "normal working hours"
-I am extremely anal retentive about certain things (eg: hair in the bathroom sink) but never ever take out the garbage
-I alternate between being really cluttered and ridiculously organized, and blame my sun sign virgo/moon sign aquarius even though it's really just that I'm mostly lazy
-I can be really really loud and not realize it
-I use way more words than are necessary for anything.

Do you want to date me now?  I do.

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