Adventures with Online Dating II

I posted earlier about my ongoing experiments with online dating.  Basically, if you don't like clicking links and didn't see it earlier, I have a Plenty of Fish account, but I'm not actually looking for dates on there anymore, so I thought it would be fun to conduct a social experiment.  I'm changing up my profile periodically to see what kind of people will respond.

The rules of the game are that I have to post things that are true about me, but I can present them in a multitude of ways to make myself sound like a different kind of person.  My first experiment was with listing my less-desirable traits.  The list is viewable if you click that link up there.  I only got one response from that profile and it was actually just really sweet in a puppy-dog kind of way, so I'm not going to post it here and make fun of it.  I'd feel mean.

This time I decided to advertise myself as, shall we say, a biznatch:
I'm looking for a guy who is taller than me (if you're under 5'11", move on!) and who is in good shape. You've got to have good style and nice hair too! I prefer the nerdy/artist look, but as long as you actually know how to wear clothes that fit you well and look good on you, I can work with that. People on here like to pretend that this stuff is superficial, but we all know that it matters deep down inside, I'm just up front about it.
I'm a dancer so if you can't dance well, don't bother messaging me! I'm also not at all interested in playing sports, so if you're going to try to force me to play touch football with your buddies, that's a no. I'm totally up for cheerleading from the sidelines with a few of my friends though! I'm very driven and my work is really important to me, so I need someone who can keep up and push me further. You've got to be educated and work hard at your career. Of course, if you work hard you've got to play hard too!
Now, before you go thinking that I just plain am a biznatch for saying those things, look closer and you'll see that these could all be pretty reasonable, they were just given more of a spotlight than I would normally give them.  For example, I am really tall and when I'm with a dude who's shorter than me I feel less like a pretty girl and more like a giant ogress, which is just no fun.  Also, I do like it if a dude knows how to dress well, but in reality it's nothing near a deal-breaker for me.  It just means that if I meet you at a party and you're dressed snappily I will probably notice you faster than I might notice a non-snappily dressed guy.  This has very little bearing on how much I might want to date you once I know you, you know, as a person.

Also, this has no bearing on the fact that if you have caught my eye I will flirt with you really really awkwardly and probably make you think I'm a really tall scary girl that you should avoid.  Just sayin'.

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